Welcome to "Stevenson's Old Time Southern Bulldogs."

    I have some awesome bulldogs that I welcome you to read about and check out on my photogallery! Call or email with questions or comments. They make good pets, are natural hog dogs, and are smart and able to be trained to herd livestock or hunt different types of animals.

History of my yard.

   Around the turn of this century, I drove from South Carolina to south Georgia and traded a boat for four hog dogs. I had no idea that I was entering a life long relationship with a breed with whose existance I was hardly aware of. The old timer I delt with told me that "Nemo," one of the dogs I was getting, was half "Old Southern White" and half "White English." He continued that Nemo had caught sixty wild boar in the last six months. Nemo was built like a cougar on steroids and was 200% pure prey drive. I was soon to learn that both of these bloodlines were now a days considered sub-catagories of the  "American Bulldog," commenly referred to as the "Standard" or "Scott type." Nemo's only short coming was that he had not been raised as a pet and was an all-buisness alpha male. Having had a Great Dane that was a great pet and awesome hog catcher, I knew that a good working dog could also be a good pet. I quickly began a search for a similar bred pup that I could raise myself. After attending a couple of American Bulldog shows, I took Nemo and had him NKC registered as "Captain Nemo", a foundation  American Bulldog, but I realized he was different from most of what I saw being shown. With the exception being  Alan Scott's American Bulldog "Crusher", who Scott called an "Old Southern White." In search of original blood like Crusher's and Nemo's, I discovered was the foundation of modern lines, I met others who like me wanted to preserve this early stock. I aquired an adult female "Baby Doll I," and bred her to Nemo, went and bred him to another OSW down in Georgia, then bought a second female, I NKC registered as my foundation Old Time Southern Bulldog "Queen O Sheba"." The NKC had informed me that registered "American Bulldogs" and "Old Time Southern Bulldogs" could be bred and still be considered purebreds, being that the "Old Southern" blood was the original material that  American Bulldogs were fashioned from. I felt it was a truer description of what I was breeding. Ironically folks with American Bulldogs were coming back to me to buy my dogs to recover the characteristics that the early dogs were known for.  Another irony is that the NKC has changed it's rules in what it accepts as American Bulldogs a number of times in the years that I have been breeding them. I'm told that at the present time the offspring of an OTSB bred with an AB has to be registered OTSB. Anyway you want to look at it, I struck gold when I met James Stout. He had been working and breeding hog dogs along side Jay Dorsey and both right in SC. I bred Sheba to a couple of Stout's dogs and then bought a pup from him. This pup "Stevenson's Jet Rountree" turned out awesome, better than I could have hoped for. He was a Stout/Dorsey mix,with 53% "Stout's Boss Hog" blood. Jet caught three wild boar the first time I took him out. Born August 11, 2007, He is now  85 lbs., 22 in. at the shoulder with a 2 ft. head. He is my mainstay, a friendly pet, hard core hog dog, and excellent stud dog. I've bred him anumber of times and intentionally line bred him often. At the time of writing everything on my yard has his blood. Amazingly, at under a year old, Jet sired a litter of 13 pups and has not slowed down. He has been super healthy, athletic and strong and very prolific.  Hiis offspring are all over the country and now in other countries too. Many are pets, probably half are hog dogs. A couple treeing squirrels and a  couple  herding cattle, one in Mexico and one in the mountains of Georgia. A Texas hog hunter reported that he had bred the dog I sold him, raised a litter of pups, sold them to other hog hunters all over the state and at 4 months old, every one of them was catching hogs. WOW! That is what I like to hear!

                  Jet and I

      "Bessie" a Jet X Sheba pup